Tuesday, June 8, 2010


yesterday, while enjoying another responsible free day we decided on a little surf sesh at kealia. never have we been so intimidated...to make matters worse, the only shredders in the water we're girls and groms. we've never seen so many amazing young surfers in one spot. with our tails between our legs we paddled out, caught some waves and met a few locals. it wasn't until we we're sitting on the beach catching some of that hawaiian sun that we noticed a gash the size of a fist in the bottom of mammone's borrowed board. ber also got her first ding on the nose of her new board. shoot.
we ended our dinged up, jobless day with a bbq on the beach and a restless nights sleep.
after a slow and relaxing morning that consisted of mangos, kashi, coffee and a few tv shows we decided to begin job hunt 2.0. we walked through the mile long town of kapaa and filled out application after application. Lord willing we'll land something soon.
after walking home in the warm, humid rain, evan picked us up to fix the dings we so gracefully decorated our boards with the day before. we learned how to sand, resin, and sand some more. then of course, we had to test out our handy work in the stormy waters of kealia.
tonight we'll go to bed still jobless, but at least our boards, both borrowed and owned, are once again rideable.

with aloha,
megan and megan

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  1. bummer about the board. but so stoked you guys are going full crank on kauai. If you have a car, check out Lihue Missionary Church. If not, then check out Kapaa Missionary. Another rad one. Hope all is well, crank um!!!!