Friday, June 25, 2010


we now have a job. or three:
kauai cuisine. small town coffee. oki diner.

after three weeks of being unemployed we have finally found ourselves some jobs. we are now caterers, baristas and servers. once we found out that chicken in a barrel was more then likely not going to reopen we filled out application after application praying that something would turn up. in the beginning it was a little disheartening and we had our moments of doubt. during our few weeks of unemployment, when we weren't filling out applications, we found ourselves exploring even more of the island. we surfed pakalas (mammone's favorite wave in the universe, a perfect left that last forever), watched the sunset at the top of the Waimea Canyon, snuck into some of the nicer resort's hot tubs and pools, checked out two new churches (Calvary North Shore and North Shore Community), kayaked to a secret water fall, found a new swimming hole, ate a lot of poke, bbq'ed on the beach, picnic'ed under a swinging bridge, roasted a banana boat (a hawaiian s'more) over a campfire, watched the sunrise, caught some rays on the north shore, explored CoCo Palms (an abandoned resort where Elvis filmed Blue Lagoon) and surfed, surfed, surfed.
after 24 full days living on kauai we are starting to feel like we are no longer on vacation. this island is becoming our home. we have accepted the cockroaches, misquotes, geckos and roosters. we're ready to get back to work, while still enjoying the beauty and simplicity of our new home.

with aloha,
megan and megan

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